---------------------------------NBC Talknet 1989


On my last night in New York City in 1989, I made a visit to the studios of NBC Radio's Talknet.
They were at 53rd and Broadway, across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater.

I sat in on most of Bruce Williams' show, along with program director Bill Lally (who ran the board and made sure everything was on time),
and producer/call screener Sheila Jaskot.

Here is a very dim shot of Bill. It was that dark in the control room.

To the left are large reel-to-reel decks used to record each program, which was played back three hours later for the West Coast;
to the right are cartridge decks used to play commercials, music beds and bumpers.

Sheila Jaskot in an office just down the hall from the studio.

Here's a shot of Bruce on the air, from a 1989 People magazine story that was reprinted for a Talknet station promotion kit.
Yes, he played cards while he was on the air. Or he leaned back in his chair with his feet up, drinking a Diet Coke.

My one Bruce Williams story: the night I was there, a call sparked a debate as to who ran for president against FDR in 1944. We knew that Wendell Willkie ran against him in 1940, and that Thomas Dewey ran against Truman in 1948. But who ran in 1944? I was pretty sure that it was also Dewey (I knew he made two runs for it), dared to speak up - and was promptly doubted by everyone. Until another caller backed me up, and Lally turned to me, pointed and said, "Pretty good!" (Hey, it's not much, but we take our victories where we can!)

Bruce's show ended at 10 p.m. eastern time. He was followed by Neil Myers ("your friend in the night") for three hours.
His show was produced by Bernadette Duncan.

An artsy shot from the control room into the studio. Neil is at the microphone.

From another angle in the control room. Neil is looking at me and probably thinking, "What the hell is he doing?" He was probably fearing a flash, but I made sure not to do that - I wanted natural lighting. If you look closely, in the lower right corner, you'll see the clock -
it was 10:19:49 p.m. when I took that shot.

By the way, the woman to the left is Bernadette Duncan, who screened Neil's calls. She is (or at least was) a VERY beautiful woman. She was wearing a light blue NBC Sports T-shirt and a very short skirt. I didn't take a picture of her, because I wanted to remember her in my mind -
and I didn't want to share that vision with anybody else. (What the hell was I thinking??)

By the way: this page is purple on grey because Talknet's stationery had a purple logo on a grey background.

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