HERE I AM . . .

. . . with KHQ Meteorologist Leslie Lowe during a trip to Spokane. This picture was taken off a TV set in the Q-6 studios
(with the satellite green screened behind us). She is as nice as she is pretty!

. . . with longtime KHQ Anchor Dan Kleckner during that same trip to Spokane.

. . . at the Q-6 anchor desk. Thanks to my buddy Nate Harris for the tour and the pictures!

. . . with everyone's favorite "Dolly," Carol Channing, who came to Wenatchee to perform her one-woman show in May 2006.
She was a guest on my "Two o'Clock Show" for a full hour, reminiscing and taking phone calls from listeners.

. . . with prolific best-selling author Debbie Macomber (a frequent interview subject) when she made a trip to Wenatchee in 2008.

. . . with your speakers at the Book Publicists of Southern California "Romancing the Media" dinner on February 10, 2011 (counter-clockwise from bottom left): BPSC founder Irwin Zucker; L.A. Daily News columnist Dennis McCarthy; uber-publicist Michael Levine; author Lauren Gale; and a gate-crasher trying to pass himself off as an expert (and get a free dinner).

. . . at the BPSC with comedy writer Bob Mills, who has written for Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Dinah Shore -
and has written about his time as part of Hope's writing stable in a great book, "The Laugh Makers."

. . . with my favorite beauty queen, former Miss Sweden and Hostess of "The Gong Show," the forever-lovely Siv Aberg -
someone I am proud (and lucky!) to call my friend. Guys, eat your heart out!

. . . with legendary food-industry publicist Leo Pearlstein - he's the one who introduced me to Siv.
This was taken at his offices across from CBS in Hollywood. But notice the plaque in the upper left corner . . .

Leo's been a member of the Academy since 1950!!! That's almost as long as its been in existence!

. . . at the anchor desk in ABC's Los Angeles bureau, February 2011.

. . . with Mark McEwen, formerly of CBS' "Early Show" and A&E's"Live By Request." We met after I interviewed him in 2001 - he was plugging a benefit he was doing for the Wenatchee Valley Symphony; his sister Leslie (R.I.P.) lived in Wenatchee and was on the symphony's board.

. . . with KING-TV's Meeghan Black during the 2007 KPQ Home and Garden Show (the best . . . EVER!!).
This shot was taken after a ten or fifteen minute chat over a glass of wine. She's a neat lady.

. . . with author/writer/cartoonist Stuart Hample (R.I.P.), who compiled a book of scripts, letters and notes by the late comedian Fred Allen. He was a guest on my show, and at his urging, I went to New York in November 2001 to attend a discussion of Allen and the book at the Museum of Television and Radio. You can read about the trip here. This picture was taken at the reception afterward.

. . . with sportscaster Brian Davis. Now he does the TV play-by-play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but when this was taken,
he was the voice of the Seattle Seahawks, visiting us at the 2002 KPQ Home and Garden Show (the best . . . EVER!!).

. . . with Penticton, BC Mayor David Perry, on the road with "The Two o'Clock Show" at Penticton's Barking Parrot Lounge.
It was prior to the city's annual "Fest of Ale" in April 2003.

. . . with talk show legend Joe Franklin (R.I.P.) in his memento-filled New York office, October 2005.
("Memento-filled" is an understatement - I don't think the guy ever threw anything away!)

. . . with Sam Adkins, former Seattle Seahawk (the ONLY Seahawk to actually wear #12) and current Seahawks broadcaster,
when he made a surprise visit to KPQ in December 2005.

. . . with afternoon host Ray McNeal (l) and morning news anchor Grant Olsen (r) at the 2007 KPQ Home and Garden Show.
Don't mess with us - we're good.


BUT FIRST A NOTE ABOUT GSC: The Game Show Congress was a not-for-profit cooperative association for the promotion of the game show and quiz event industry. Its signature event each year brought fans the opportunity to salute and mingle with those in the industry. I went to the 2007 GSC in Hollywood - and these are a few of the people I had the good fortune of meeting:

WINK MARTINDALE: Wink was the recipient of the Ralph Edwards Community Service Award. And the best-dressed man in the room!
(That's it - next time, I'M wearing a suit!)

DON PARDO (R.I.P.): I don't need to tell you who Don Pardo was, but I will say he was a really nice man. And if you were fortunate enough to be in the lobby of the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn the night he held court answering questions and telling stories for three hours, I'll only say: you can thank me. It all started when he came in and asked me which way to the elevator! (Someday I'll post the whole story.)

JUNE LOCKHART: Not only was she busy with Lassie, Lost in Space and Petticoat Junction, Miss Lockhart also did her share of game shows back in the day. The one I really remember her from was an obscure 1980 number from San Francisco called Take My Word for It.

RON GREENBERG: Legendary producer whose credits include $ale of the ¢entury, Dream House, The Who, What or Where Game,
The Big Showdown, The Money Maze and many others. I managed to get a quick conversation and a picture with him -
I'd LOVE to interview him one day!

GEOFF EDWARDS (R.I.P.): He looked a little different from the days when he presided over Jackpot! and The New Treasure Hunt in a perm, but was every bit as gracious and funny.

BETSY PALMER (R.I.P.): Here was a real treat - some friends and I were leaving the Garland for dinner and a performance of "What's My Line? on Stage," when I saw someone very familiar (and the one person I wanted to meet that I hadn't yet) standing by the curb. "Betsy!," I shouted. She looked, gave a big smile and said, "How did you recognize me?" All I could say was, "Betsy . . .?" - I mean, she didn't look that much different from the days of I've Got a Secret, did she?

But as great as these people are - and they are all wonderful, two of the biggest thrills I had I don't have pictures for, to my regret. I met Betty White, who signed my diary next to where her beloved husband, the late Allen Ludden, had signed some 35 years prior (I had met him in 1972 when he made an appearance at a White Front store in North Seattle) - she kissed his signature! And I also met Ann Cullen (R.I.P.), who is special to me, since Bill was my hero ever since I was a kid. I should have had a picture taken, since she was a stunner, but I felt lucky just to meet her and ask her to sign my program - just above my favorite picture of her and Bill, now among my most treasured possessions.


Here are my mom and dad. This would probably have been taken in the early 80s at a Sons of Norway Syttende Mai dinner
(it means 17th of May - it's Norway's Constitution Day).

2017: Lounging in Victoria, BC. It's a lovely city I had always wanted to visit. Now I want to go back.

1992: at the top of the State Capitol dome in Olympia. At the time, you needed special permission
and be accompanied by a state employee to get up there. Now, it's completely closed off.
By the way, that's Capitol Lake and Budd Inlet behind me.

Inside the KBCS studio in 1983. Don't ask me why I'm wearing that cap . . . or holding the album upside down - I have NO idea.
I never dreamed that it would be twenty-three years before I would work in a studio as modern as this one!

A pow-wow with the tribe at Capilano Park near Vancouver, BC in 1980.

At least one of the natives there was somewhat friendly!

<<< WHO IS THAT?????

That's me when I was confirmed, more than 40 years and almost as many pounds ago.
Oh, if only I were that thin today!!

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