--------------------------------electro-voice 635a


This microphone needs no introduction to anyone - it was introduced in 1965, so it's been a broadcast staple for more than fifty years.

This is the first microphone I really noticed on TV as a kid. Do a Google search on it and you'll find pages of tributes to its durability, its ruggedness, and its sound quality.

It's affectionate nickname is the "Buchanan Hammer" - if you need to pound a nail in something and don't have your tool box, the 635a will work nicely - though I personally wouldn't try it. But it's that durable.

It also comes in black, the 635B. There's also a longer version designed for interviewing - the 635L (which is also available in black).

But no matter which model you prefer, it's the gold standard in microphones for either radio or tv.

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