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I've put together this page out of anger and frustration more than anything else.

Growing up in Seattle in the 1960s and early '70s, the most exciting time of the year was in early August - Seafair time. We didn't have too much to boast and brag about back then - the only major sports in town were the UW Huskies (college), the SuperSonics (now departed) and the Totems (WHL hockey - now defunct). So the big thing every year was the Seafair hydroplane race, the first Sunday in August, and the climax of the Seafair celebration, which back then included both the Twilight Parade and the Grand Parade, which have since been essentially combined.

But for me, the symbols of Seafair were the "Skipper Pins," which were a big thing when I was a kid. You could see them everywhere, from bank tellers to shopowners to grocery store clerks to TV anchors - it seemed everybody (or at least quite a few people) wore them.

These days, Seafair seems to go on all Summer, and takes under its wing every little parade and event that goes on anywhere in the city. As for the Skipper Pins, it seems hardly anybody wears them anymore - during the last hydro race on TV, I only saw one person with a Seafair pin on. Which I think is something of a crime - shouldn't the television crew be required to wear the pin of an event its station sponsors??
(Not that it matters anymore, since there's no longer live coverage of the hydro races!)

And that's not all - go to the Seafair website, and information on the pin and how to get one is almost impossible to find, and not only that . . . it's outdated!!! Also, an internet search turned up little, outside of ebay.

So I decided to put scans of my pins up for all to see (the dime is there to give you an idea of size).
It's obviously not a complete collection . . . but I'm working on it!






1974 (celebrating the 25th Seafair)


1976 (red, white and blue for the nation's Bicentennial)








2001 (featuring the Blue Angels)



2009 (celebrating the 60th Seafair)


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