--------------------------------------------rca bk-12

This microphone was developed by RCA around 1965. It was used quite a bit around NBC through the mid-70s. I've always liked this model, quite honestly, because you could see it! It's noticeable - but not too big, and not too small. And with the cord, I think it's the perfect lavalier.

You'll never see it on TV, or anyplace else these days - it's outdated and obsolete, and it's too big, plus there's that cord thing. Apparently, you're not supposed to see a sloppy cord on TV - I suppose they're trying to convince you that wires and cords don't exist on TV, even though you and I deal with them everyday. How stupid.

Anyway, when I got this mic, I wired it up, and it sounds just as good as any mic I've heard - it's got the warm quality of a ribbon, and great volume - you don't need an amp with this mic. It's a honey. And I think it's rather handsome.

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