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In July of 2004 and October 2005, I was able to go back to get another look - and another batch of pictures.

Above is the entrance. The display cases are filled with awards ABC has won over the years - including its six Edward R. Murrow Awards for overall excellence by a radio network. To the right are glass doors; the window past them looks into TOC.

Above: Looking toward the northeast corner of the newsroom, towards the assignment desk and three studios used for the hourly newscasts and periodic status reports. (Closed circuit for affiliates: this area is where most of the cue channel advisories come from.) As you can see, the color scheme now favors blue, and there are more signs - and more computers.

Above: looking toward the north - the window to the left still looks into the tape room.

Above: from the assignment desk, looking south towards the rest of the newsroom.

Above: looking into the one of the studios - I believe the Information Network newscasts originate here.

Above: Producer and assignment desk editor Hank Weinbloom (who has since moved on to - ugh! - another network).

ABC Radio anchor/reporter Karen Chase at her desk.

Anchor/Reporter Cheri Preston.

The happy trio (l-r): reporter Aaron Katersky, Karen Chase, Hank Weinbloom.

From my 2004 visit: ABC Radio's National Correspondent Jim Hickey at his microphone.

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