-----------------------the 1989 ABC Radio tour


In 1989, I traveled to New York City; one of my visits was to the headquarters of ABC Radio.

The building is located at 125 West End Avenue, at 66th Street, not far from Lincoln Center.
(It was a very hot, VERY humid day - the temperature was near 90 degrees, with a 90 percent humidity. Icky, sticky.)

This is T.O.C. - the Technical Operations Center, which controls everything that goes out over the satellite.
(That's me in the chair. Yes, I'm wearing brown on a 90-degree day. And yes, I did regret it.)

These are just some of the automated cartridge machines that ran the commercials for each of the satellite channels.
(This picture doesn't even show half of them.)

To give you some perspective: at KPQ, our FM station used only TWO of these - and loading them each day was a royal, time-consuming pain (each machine can hold 48 carts). Imagine loading two dozen of them!

This is the heart of the operation, the ABC Radio newsroom.

Here is another view of the newsroom. Note the two bright lights on the wall next to the bulletin boards; those are "on air" lights -
the 11 a.m. EDT newscasts for the Information and Entertainment networks were being broadcast from those studios.

(A note for anyone under the age of 20: the contraption in the lower-left corner is a "typewriter." Ask your parents about them.)

On the other side of the glass: the room where feeds and phone interviews were recorded.

Postscript: I went back in July 2004 (and again in October 2005) for another look. To see the current setup, click here.

By the way: are you're wondering why the background color is blue? Well, until it was re-named in 1945, ABC was called the BLUE Network.

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