---------------------------the "two o'clock show"

Among my favorite guests from my "Two o'Clock Show" on KPQ:

Actress Mimi Kennedy ("Homefront," "Dharma & Greg," "Mom") - a four time guest

Award-winning actress Jayne Meadows (a.k.a. Mrs. Steve Allen, R.I.P.) - a two time guest

Actor - Director Corbin Bernsen ("L.A. Law," "Psych," "General Hospital")

Sidney Sheldon (R.I.P.) - TV producer, screenwriter, playwright and best-selling author

Eileen Fulton from CBS' "As the World Turns"

CNBC Senior Analyst Ron Insana

Emmy Award-winning director John Rich ("The Dick Van Dyke Show," "All in the Family," and many others; R.I.P.)

Television writer/producer and author Stephen J. Cannell (R.I.P.) - whom I interviewed four times

Singer/dancer/actress/author Shirley MacLaine

"Good Day Live" co-host Steve Edwards

Radio talk show host Bruce Williams

Former NBC correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot

Actress and television personality (and former New York City first lady) Donna Hanover

Financial advicetress Suze Orman

Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press political reporter Walter Mears

"Love Boat" creator Jeraldine Saunders

Composer Vic Mizzy (R.I.P.) - he wrote the music for "The Addams Family" and "Green Acres"

New York talk show legend Joe Franklin (R.I.P.)

Former Hollywood reporter and gossip queen Rona Barrett

Author Jane Porter ("Flirting With Forty," "Odd Mom Out," "Mrs. Perfect")

Futurist and visionary Faith Popcorn

BBC-TV sex & relationship expert Tracey Cox (co-host of TLC's "Date Patrol")

"Texas Justice" Judge Larry Joe Doherty

Home improvement expert Ron Hazelton; he appears on ABC's "Good Morning America"

Businesswoman, speaker and author Tina Flaherty

and in addition . . .

Mark McEwen (formerly of "CBS This Morning" and "The Early Show")

comedian/director Wil Shriner

country music broadcasting legend Ralph Emery

fitness trainer Denise Austin

Court TV's Catherine Crier

Syndicated home improvement experts James and Morris Carey


In the spring of 2000, when the KPQ management gave me the 2 p.m. hour and said, "It's yours," I honestly had no idea what I would do. Me, a talk show host? I couldn't do a monologue to save my life - all my broadcast training was based in keeping it "short and sweet." Get in and get out. Now I had an hour to do interviews and the like? I was at a loss.

So I turned to the person I most admired as a talk show host, Tom Snyder.

I couldn't call Tom a friend, but we had e-mailed each other a time or two over his website. I was the first one to send him a message when he opened his site, and we followed up every so often. So before my new show premiered, I asked him for some advice.

What he said was so basic and true: "Be yourself. Everything else will follow."

I always tried to live up to that statement in every show I did after that. I just hope I succeeded more often than not.

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